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Chinese Drywall

Chinese Drywall Estimated in over 100,000 Homes Nationwide

Houses built in the years of the construction boom, and homes that needed repair during hurricane Charlie are prone to having Chinese Drywall used in them. Any home built 2004 and newer SHOULD be checked for Chinese Drywall. Houses built 2002 and 2003 might have the defective drywall because the drywall was allegedly in Florida in 2001. Chinese Drywall off gasses hydrogen sulfide, which coats metals with a black residue. This gives off a very distinctive smell, which resembles burnt matches. This black residue has caused new AC units to fail within 2 years. This may also become a fire hazard. Health effects to exposure to Chinese Drywall are unknown. Below are photos of what to look for when looking for evidence of Chinese Drywall:


The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation is scheduled to hear oral arguments late next month on a motion filed to consolidate all Chinese drywall lawsuits pending in various federal district courts before one judge for coordinated pretrial litigation. Read more here…Dade Mold Inspectors will prepare a professional estimate free of charge detailing the scope of work of testing for Chinese Drywall, removing it, patching it if necessary and finishing the area. In addition Dade Mold Inspectors can test for electrical wire corrosion due to chinese drywall.

Corroded HVAC:

Your air conditioning system pulls the gases released by the Chinese Drywall into your air handler where it attaches itself to the copper lines. The sulfur gas attacks the copper lines and begins to severely corrode those copper lines. The corrosion weakens the lines and causes failure in the system. No matter how many times the air conditioning system is replaced, the system will continue to fail until the Chinese drywall is removed from the structure.

Feds Finally Notice

“We are stepping up the analysis to more comprehensively look into this,” said Joe Martyak, a commission spokesman. “The important thing now is to get the facts.”From China has offered to send someone to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to help with an investigation into tainted Chinese drywall, an issue the commission has been discussing in video conferences with China.Read more here from the

Mayor Ritter charges Legislature is trying to protect developers from Chinese drywall liability

Broward County commissioners are asking their lobbying team to work to kill a proposal filed in the Legislature on Tuesday that would protect developers from lawsuits over defective Chinese drywall. Read More here from the Sun Sentinel

Drywall suit hearing set for May
A federal judicial panel said it will hold a hearing next month on whether to consolidate several lawsuits over allegedly defective Chinese drywall. Read More here from

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